What is BIM?

BIM, or Building Information Modelling is a collaborative approach to design and construction, whereby an intelligent model of the proposed design is created, analysed and is used to drive the production of all quantities, drawing sheets, co-ordination works etc. from the initial design through to final handover.

Do I need Autodesk® Revit® for BIM?

No. Although Autodesk® Revit® is gaining popularity as the industry standard for BIM authoring software, it is not the only piece of software that can do the job.

Is BIM more expensive than traditional construction processes?

No, BIM is a front-loaded construction process, not a more expensive process. The aim of any BIM project is to eliminate the typical construction problems that occur on site, minimise waste and streamline construction by detailed, intelligent investigation and evaluation during the design phase.

Is BIM only useful on larger projects?

No, BIM is a viable process for projects of all sizes. The ability to accurately schedule quantities, ensure design co-ordination and evaluate the project in a three-dimensional environment are welcome additions to any project.

How does BIM fit in with the RIBA Architectural stages?

The short answer is ‘with difficulty’!

Being a front loaded process, BIM almost reverses the more traditional RIBA approach where construction drawings are issued at the last labour intensive stage in the process.

With BIM, the drawings are still issued at the end, but because the building and site are accurately modelled during the design process the drawing issue becomes a virtual button press at the end of the process.

This makes change easier, smooths the resource requirement curve and reduces drawing errors made because of early snagging and clash detection identification through the BIM modelling process.

I manage a number of people in my office. Can I purchase several courses and enrol specific employees? Would they all need to use the same computer/tablet?

Yes. All of the purchased seats should be managed by an individual user. The user can buy as many seats as they wish. It is then possible to select additional users they wish to enrol on different courses.

These users would not have to share the same computer or device.

Do these courses require a plugin?

For web browsers that aren’t the latest version, we will require Adobe Flash Player 9 or above. This is the only necessary plug-in.

Are these courses available as a downloadable file?

BIM elearning® is an online training provider and not available for download.

Are these courses supported by mobile devices?

We currently only support devices with a minimum screen size of 7 inches (1024 x 768px resolution) that run Android 2.3 or iOS4 and above. However this is being constantly reviewed so please keep checking our FAQ’s.

How long do I have to complete each course?

The courses have been designed to enable you to complete at your own speed, so feel free to take as long as you need. However, if it has been purchased for you, it is important you consult with your employers as they may have a target in mind that you would be expected to work towards.

Is there an assessment at the end of the course?

After you have completed all of the modules within the course the final assessment is unlocked. The final assessment comprises of a range of questions relating to the modules you have completed, these questions are randomised so the order and frequency of questions is always different.

After completing the final assessment you will be awarded a certificate.

Do I receive a certificate?

Yes, at the end of every course you are provided with a downloadable certificate.
The certificate shows the course completed, your name, and a unique certificate number that can be checked against our database.

What order should the courses be completed in?

This will vary between individuals, however if you are looking to undertaking all of the courses available the recommended order is the one in the Complete Collection as this will take you through the basics all the way to specialist.

If you are new to BIM we’d suggest starting with the first three courses; BIM Awareness, The Benefits of BIM to a Project and BIM a Typical Project Lifecycle.

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