BIM A Typical Project Life Cycle


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Course Purpose
This course is aimed at providing attendees with an overview of how a typical BIM project will develop. Attendees gain an understanding about the information that needs to be provided in order for the project to be successfully delivered. It also highlights the differences between traditional construction and BIM projects. Attendees are guided through the typical BIM project lifecycle, demonstrating how key milestones match up to the typical BIM project lifecycle, how the BIM model itself develops and how members of the project team will interface with the BIM data.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of the course attendees will have gained an understanding of how a typical BIM project will develop, from initial brief through to operation and maintenance.

This course is aimed at
Anyone who will be required to work on a BIM project as part of their current/future job role.

Course Duration
This course will take approximately 3 hours 40 minutes to complete.

Course Pre-requisites
It is recommended that attendees should have previously completed PP-101-L1 BIM Awareness Course and PP-102-L1 The Benefits of BIM to a Project, however this is not essential.

Course Content

  • Preparing for the BIM project – information required
  • Differences between traditional projects and BIM
  • How key project milestones match up to the typical BIM lifecycle
  • How a BIM model develops during the project lifecycle
  • How the project team interfaces with the BIM

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