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BIM elearning® is a service provided by Fulcro, a leading Building Information Modelling (BIM) Company. We are passionate about the development, implementation, training and delivery of BIM throughout the construction industry and related sectors.

We have harnessed our experience and contacts in both construction and the built environment, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of this exciting new process.

At Fulcro we believe in turning the theory and promise of BIM into reality.

Why train with BIM elearning®

Our clients and students benefit from an efficient online learning platform that leverages the full benefits of BIM whilst providing a study process that is 100% online.

BIM elearning® is a unique learning environment which suits the individual preferences of BIM elearning® users, as our online courses provide training when you need and want it. BIM elearning® courses are: Clear, concise and easy to use, affordable, flexible, instantly available, self-paced including course assessment and certification.


“We recognised that developing a comprehensive staff training programme would be paramount to the success of BIM implementation at Wates. Fulcro’s BIM elearning courses, with the and assessments were the ideal solution for disseminating the principals of BIM standards and processes across our organisation. The structure of the courses and the staff management system enabled us provide tangible proof of our BIM Level 2 training strategy for PAS 91 and publicly funded projects.”
Lucy Abbott – Wates Group BIM Manager
“I have now completed the first 2 modules on the course list, namely BIM Awareness, and The Benefits of BIM to a Project. I have to say the course content so far has been excellent, and is a great introduction to BIM. The combination of visual slides and commentary makes it very easy to follow. I plan to study more of the modules soon.”
Justin Neil – @justinleeneil